Continuing COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 rehabilitation at SIRC

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre continues to provide proper medical and nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological counseling to the COVID-19 and non- COVID-19 patients with different teams. Group exercises for COVID-19 positive patients and caretakers in a specific open space where they get enough sun exposure and fresh air of nature is helping them to feel a tranquilizing effect. It reduces their psychological stress and promotes the well-being of their mindfulness.

Congratulations to the 10 patients, 8 caretakers and 6 staff who have recovered well from COVID-19. We hope for the speedy recovery of COVID-19 patients throughout the country.

Update: 11th May 2021
Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center (SIRC, a project run by SISN) is actively functioning despite a tsunami of the second wave of COVID-19 throughout the country to minimize the contact and transmission of new variants of coronavirus for patients, caretakers, and staff and in the community. In the current situation also, it is continuously providing quality comprehensive rehabilitation services to people with spinal cord injury and brain injury.

The “guidelines for infection prevention” is being strictly followed by the multidisciplinary team. Additionally, psychological counseling is provided to the COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. In addition to the regular therapy, we have been providing group exercises for COVID-19 positive patients and caretakers in a designated open space. This space helps them to get enough sun exposure and fresh air which reduces their psychological stress and promotes positive thinking. Food supply is consistent with the cafeteria running with full safety and precautions.

After the 2nd outbreak of COVID-19, regular PCR testing has been ongoing for patients, caretakers, and staff. Currently, we have 10 COVID-19 positive patients. Among them, only 2 have shown some symptoms that are successfully managed by the medical team. In case of any emergency, we have coordinated with Dhulikhel Hospital for referrals.

The medical and nursing team are on high alert all the time. They check the vitals of the patients at least three times a day and measure the SPO2 level frequently. Hot water with lemon and ginger and Vitamin D3 supplement is provided to everyone. Pulse oximeters have been provided to individual patients and caregivers so that they can measure by themselves every 4-6 hours or in case of any difficulties. Unfortunately, one young female paraplegic patient referred to a dedicated COVID-19 hospital passed away. Out of the 10 staff who tested positive 3 are staying at the SIRC isolation ward and the remaining 7 in their home isolation without any major symptoms.

Internal revenue of SIRC is severely hit, especially with this second wave of COVID-19. We are seeking support with operations costs to run the center. As SIRC now stays on high alert and maintains safety, we need more medical supplies too. We request you to kindly spread the word for the much-needed financial and technical support to get through this tough time.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to well-wishers. With your love, support, and prayers, we will definitely defeat this second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update: 15th September 2020

Despite all our preventive measures, the first case of COVID-19 at Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre was detected on August 18, 2020. Our own effort and Coordination with the District Health Office and Ministry of Health allowed us to carry out COVID-19 tests for 239 patients, caretakers, and staff that are inside the premises of SIRC. We now have more than 100 asymptomatic positive cases in the centre. Due to the lack of accessible infrastructure, people with spinal cord injuries cannot be sent to a regular COVID-19 management centre. Our centre faces this huge challenge to provide necessary rehabilitation services along with the care to COVID-19 infected patients and caretakers. Hence, these are the steps we have taken to cope with the situation:

  1. We have divided the centre into two major areas: a) The area with positive patients who are taken care of by medical staff who tested positive and are asymptomatic; b) The area with COVID-19 10 negative patients taken care of by medical staff who tested negative. Our centre is the first organization ever to use such a strategy. We gotta do what we gotta do, right?
  2. The food management has been outsourced because 90% of the cafeteria staff have COVID-19.
  3. The Center has been providing four free meals to everyone inside the centre, although the government provides only for those who are tested positive. Additionally, hot water, ginger and fruits are available to everyone to boost their immunity.
  4. We have been working with the government’s paramedic team to implement appropriate protective measures and also support the non-clinical management team at the centre.
  5. For the mental and physical health of COVID-19 positive patients, there are regular exercise sessions at the centre.

Needless to say, the centre is facing a huge financial and technical burden due to the pandemic. SIRC will continue to keep you, our friend and well-wisher, informed about the current crisis, and what is being done to handle it at the centre. We thank all our friends and

supporters from all over the world for your unconditional love and support to people with spinal cord injuries in Nepal. We request you to kindly spread the word for the much-needed financial and technical support that SIRC requires to tackle this difficult time in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you.