COVID19 response at SIRC

Despite all our preventive measures, the first case of COVID19 at Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre was detected on August 18, 2020. Our own effort and Coordination with the District Health Office and Ministry of Health allowed us to carry out COVID19 tests for 239 patients, caretakers and staff that are inside the premises of SIRC. We now have more than 100 asymptomatic positive cases in the centre. Due to the lack of accessible infrastructure, people with spinal cord injury cannot be sent to a regular COVID19 management centre. Our centre faces this huge challenge to provide necessary rehabilitation services along with the care to COVID19 infected patients and caretakers. Hence, these are the steps we have taken to cope with the situation:


  1. We have divided the centre into two major areas: a) The area with positive patients who are taken care by medical staff who tested positive and are asymptomatic; b) The area with COVID10 negative patients taken care by medical staff who tested negative. Our centre is the first organization ever to use such a strategy. We gotta do what we gotta do, right?
  2. The food management has been outsourced because 90% of the cafeteria staff have COVID19.
  3. The Center has been providing four free meals to everyone inside the centre, although the government provides only for those who are tested positive. Additionally, hot water, ginger and fruits are available to everyone to boost their immunity.
  4. We have been working with the government’s paramedic team to implement appropriate protective measures and also support the non-clinical management team at the centre.
  5. For the mental and physical health of COVID19 positive patients, there are regular exercise sessions at the centre.

Needless to say, the centre is facing a huge financial and technical burden due to the pandemic. SIRC will continue to keep you, our friend and well-wisher, informed about the current crisis, and what is being done to handle it at the centre. We thank all our friends and

supporters from all over the world for your unconditional love and support to people with

spinal cord injury in Nepal. We request you to kindly spread the word for the much needed financial and technical support that SIRC requires to tackle this difficult time in COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you.