Exclusive charity show in support of SIRC by Maha Jodi

   2014-07-12 08:19:34 Kamalmani Theatre, Rato Bangala School, Patan Dhoka

Madan Krishna Shrestha & Haribamsha Acharya* invite you to an exclusive charity show “NEWAR BAHADUR – BAHUN BAHADUR” “नेवार बहादुर – बाहुन बहादुर” in support of Spinal Injury Rehabilitaon Centre (SIRC).

12 July 2014, Saturday, 5-7 PM
Kamalmani Theatre, Rato Bangala School, Patan Dhoka.

The production “Newar Bahadur – Bahun Bahadur” is a satirical commentary on the challenges facing our citizens,  from  load-shedding  to  corruption,  ever-lasting  constitution-writing,  political herapheri and the ‘Ma-pa-se’ drive. The show sold to full houses at Academy Hall in April and is being staged again on public demand starting 13 July. Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to enjoy Maha Jodi’s latest production. All of your contribution will go to the Maha Patient Support Fund at SIRC, which subsidises the stay and rehabilitation of poor patients. * Both Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribamsha Acharya are members of the Executive Board of SIRC.