Mechi Mahakali Bicycle Fundraiser 2024

   18 February 2024 Gaddachauki, Mahakali

Spinal Injury Sangh Nepal (SISN) has successfully completed the Mechi-Mahakali Fundraiser Bicycle Rally, a journey of airline pilots Capt. Sunil Pradhan and Capt. Bharat Singh Thapa that started from Mechi Pul, the East of Nepal on 11 February 2024, Sunday.

The Bicycle Rally was organized to raise awareness about spinal injury and to raise funds for wheelchairs for poor patients at the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC), a project of SISN. The two bicyclist pilots completed their 1100 KM cycle journey on 18 February at Gaddachauki on the Mahakali as planned.

The Mechi-Mahakali Bicycle Fundraiser 2024 aimed to shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by individuals with spinal injuries, particularly their need for comprehensive rehabilitation and appropriate wheelchairs. Each kilometre of the rally was valued at Rs 5000, and the fundraising goal was set at Rs 55,00,000.

“After my visit to SIRC, I realised the desire of persons with spinal cord injury to live normal and dignified lives. I felt the need to give back to this community of fighters, and decided to use my passion of cycling for fundraising,” says Captain Sunil Pradhan. 

SISN collaborated with Rotary International for the rally. During the days that the cyclists traverse the country, events were organised at 14 locations where SIRC advocated spinal injury awareness and the need of spinal rehabilitation services in various parts. Different cyclist groups, Rotary Clubs and wheelchairs users joined the rally at different places.

In addition to our national and international individual contributors, this event was also supported by Syakar Trading Company, Summit Air, Buddha Air, Himalayan Bank and Thee Go. We would like to thank them and all our other supporters.