Chandra Bahadur Kumal



  • Profession Before Injury Driver
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay

Patient Story

35-year-old Chandra Bahadur Kumal lives in Chyangli VDC of Gorkha district with his wife and two daughters. As a driver in one of the agency at Kathmandu, he used to keep himself active most of the time. On a February night, when the entire family were waiting far a dinner, the Kumal family faced such an accident, which left them traumatized for months.

Chandra still cannot recall what exactly hap-pened to him that night; however, the Po-licemen, who rushed him to Bir Hospital after 12 hours following the accident claim that he fell from the bridge. At Bir Hospital, he was conservatively managed for his spi-nal cord injury at the cervical level. He wast hen referred to Spinal Centre for compre-hensive rehabilitation.

At Spinal Centre, Chandra’s motivating and cooperative personality reflected in the eyes of all patients. Meanwhile, he was making significant improvement in his therapy sessions. Within a few months, Therapists were successful in helping Chandra regain his balance, enabling him to walk with the help of Knee support in Walker.

Starting last month, prior to his discharge, we are all pleased with the progress Chandra showed during rehabilitation at our Centre. His stay at Spinal Centre was unique and motivating for all. This month, Chandra left our Centre with his supportive wife to continue his work back home.

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