Mandira Poudel



  • Profession Before Injury Housewife
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay 4 months

Patient Story

39-year-old Mandira Poudel lives in Kavre with her husband, son and daughter. As a housewife and a former Social Worker, she used to keep herself active most of the time. On a cold December night, when the entire neighborhood was fast asleep, the Poudel family faced such an accident, which left them shattered for months.Mandira still cannot recall what exactly happened to her that night; however, her family members claim that she fell from her bed and tumbled down the stairs during sleep.

She was immediately rushed to KMCTH where she underwent surgery for her spinal cord injury at the cervical level. She was then referred to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation.At SIRC, Mandira’s joyful personality reflected in the eyes of all patients and staff. She entertained everyone with her beautiful voice and humorous jokes. Meanwhile, she was making significant improvement in her therapy sessions. With continuous support from her family members and SIRC staff, she spent four months at SIRC, trying her best to recover. This month, Madira left home with a wheelchair in hand, and performed a dramatic standing transfer to the ambulance, backed up by her loving husband. Mandira not only proven herself to be a woman of determination, but also as a true inspiration for all.

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