Ram Kumar Das

Parbatipur, Chitwan


  • Profession Before Injury Primary School Teacher
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay 39 days

Patient Story

33-year old male Mr. Ram Kumar Das resides with his wife in his hometown Parbatipur, in Chitwan, Nepal. Das was a primary-school-teacher and a reliable accountant for a poultry farm. He has a B.Ed. degree in English Language, and is also on an enthusiastic reader of non-fiction. On 25th of Chaitra 2069, Das family encountered a shocking mishap after he sustained Spinal Cord injury from fall, while fixing pipelines. He was diagnosed with a D12 level fracture in his spine and was surgically managed at Narayani Community Hospital Ltd, Chitwan.

He spent some time at Chitwan Spinal Injury Centre from which he was referred to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation. At SIRC, Das spent his time in therapy sessions. He also read many books during his stay. Some included the biographies of famous revolutionary icons, such as Ernesto Che Guevara and Karl Marx. While progressing physically and mentally, he also generated interest in wheelchair basketball during his last week of stay. After 39 days at SIRC, Das back to Chitwan, determined to start a new business with support from his family members.

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