Rama Bhandari



  • Profession Before Injury Student
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay 46 days

Patient Story

16-year-old Rama Bhandari, a student of class 7 from Jajarkot, came from a very poor family. She injured her spine when she fell from the tree while cutting fodder for her cattle. Immediately after the accident, she was taken to the district hospital, from where she was referred to Nepal Orthopedic hospital, at Kathmandu. After surgery, she was sent to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation
She stayed at SIRC for 46 days, where her brother-in-law accompanied her and received training to assist Rama. After completing rehabilitation, she is independent while using her wheelchair and can walk with crutches. During her rehabilitation, she took the candle making training. At SIRC, she received full financial coverage for her treatment, including rehabilitation services, food and medication. She is now at home and because of electricity shortage in her village, she is planning to make and sell candles to utilize her vocational training skills. She is planning to continue her study from the seventh standard as well. Now she has strong determination to face her upcoming challenges.

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