Roshan Adhikary



  • Profession Before Injury student
  • Admitted Date 2013
  • Duration of Stay

Patient Story

Roshan Adhikari is a 21-year-old university student pursuing a career on pharmacy and health sciences in Itahari, Sunsari. Roshan, naturally a bright student was keen on learning and serving his community, which gave his family every reason to be proud. On the 19th of December 2012 Roshan sustained spinal cord injury from an unfortunate jeep accident.Within hours following the accident, Roshan was rushed to a nearby primary healthcare centre from which he was sent to Neurological Hospital in Kathmandu. At Neuro Hospital, Roshan received surgical management for his cervical (C6) fracture, which straightened his back, but left his body in a paralyzed state.

Roshan’s condition brought immense sorrow to his parents and his younger brother who had accompanied him during his trip. It was later in June 2013, new hopes sprouted for the Adhikari family when they brought Roshan to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation. Roshan spent seven months at SIRC, receiving regular therapy and motivation from fellow nurses, patients and volunteers. During his stay, he also appeared for his board exams with a fellow student who wrote down his dictated answers. Within a few months, the Therapists were successful in helping Roshan regain his grip, enabling him to perform activities of daily living, draw and even solve a rubik’s cube! Last month, prior to his discharge, Roshan took a commendable initiative to organize a badminton tournament for SIRC Staff and patient caregivers. Without a doubt, Roshan’s stay at SIRC was unique and enjoyable for all.

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