Yogendra Khadka


  • Profession Before Injury Field worker
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay 150 days

Patient Story

27-year-old Yogendra Khadka lives with his family in the Western hilly region of Nepal. A former field worker of a GIZ agricultural project, Khadka was required to travel for field work. While travelling to Surkhet by bus through narrow gravel roads, Khadka’s bus along with other passengers faced a fatal accident. Khadka never thought what was to happen that day, would change his life forever.

A detailed report on the next morning paper revealed that the bus had suffered a 30 meter fall downhill from the road. Khadka, one of the lucky casualties, was found alive and was immediately taken to the District Hospital from where he was referred to B&B HospitalAfter a spinal surgery, Khadka was sent to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation. During his 150 days at SIRC, Khadka learnt a lot from therapy sessions, vocational training, and most importantly, the positive effects of recovery. He shares his rehabilitation story with most of the new patients and volunteers, which never fails to inspire them. Now motivated and determined, Khadka leaves for his village with his supportive father, with determination and a hope of an independent, better life with his wife and children, who await his return back home.

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