Binod Rai



  • Profession Before Injury Businessman
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay 3 months

Patient Story

31-year-old Binod Rai lives with his father, mother, daughter and wife in the Capital city of Nepal. A businessman of a fancy cloth shop, Rai was living a quality life with ease. On a fine sunny afternoon of 1st April 2013, Rai headed up to the roof of his house to check the water level in the water tank where he confronted a fatal accident.

A half an hour later, Rai found himself in the Emergency Room of Kathmandu Medical College & Teaching Hospital (KMCTH). He was told that he suffered a three-storied fall from his house. Nevertheless, Rai realized that he could move his legs and was positive about his surgery, to be scheduled a week later. To Rai family’s dismay, Binod was not able to move his left leg after the surgical procedure. A second surgery was scheduled to fix the undesired outcome; however, Rai’s left leg showed no improvement. After spending a total of 18 days at the hospital, Rai was referred to SIRC for rehabilitation. At SIRC, Rai received comprehensive-rehabilitation for a duration of three months. He has now realized that he is fortunate to have a functional leg and aspires to move along with life with whatever he possesses. Rai heads back to his home, determined to continue his business and indulge in community service activities in the coming days.

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