Biru Dhungana



  • Profession Before Injury
  • Admitted Date November 2013
  • Duration of Stay 7 Months

Patient Story

Biru Dhungana is a 31-year-old newly married man, who had a job at the Hotel Pacafic, Kathmandu. Life was going on well for the Dhungana family until Biru sustained spinal cord injury from a road traffic accident. Immediately after the accident, Biru was taken to B&B Hospital where he was diagnosed with fracture D5, D6 with AIS-A. He received surgical management for his injury, empirically through stem cell grafting.

Biru was also surgically managed with posterior instrumentation for his injury, which strengthened his back, but his condition brought massive sorrow to the Dhungana family. On November 2013, Biru was brought to Spinal Centre for comprehensive rehabilitation. Biru spent seven months at Spinal Centre, receiving regular therapy and motivation from nurses, patients and volunteers. During his stay, he had very good attitude towards all at Spinal Centre. Within a few months, the Therapists were successful in helping Biru regain his balance, enabling him to perform several activities of daily living. He is Independent in his wheelchair, autonomously he can play the guitar and even play Basketball! Prior to his discharge last month, we were all pleased with the progress that Biru showed during rehabilitation at our Centre. This month, Biru left our Centre with his supportive wife and he is planning to rejoin his job as a receptionist at Hotel Pacific.

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