Hasta Bahadur Chand



  • Profession Before Injury agricultural worker
  • Admitted Date December,2013
  • Duration of Stay 2 Month

Patient Story

Hasta Bahadur Chand is a 49- year-old agricultural worker from Surkhet. Village life was going on well for the Chand family until Hasta sustained spinal cord injury by falling from a cliff. Following the accident, Hasta was rushed to Kathmandu for treatment in Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital, where he was diagnosed with C3, C4 cord contusion.

Hasta received surgical management for his injury, which straightened his back. Hasta’s condition brought immense sorrow to his family. On December 2013, Hasta was brought to Spinal Centre for comprehensive rehabilitation. Hasta spent two months at Centre, receiving regular therapy and motivation from nurses, patients and volunteers. in helping Hasta regain his gait, enabling him, within a few months, the Spinal Centre’s therapists were successful in helping perform some activities of daily living, but, above all: walk without assistance! Mid last month, prior to his discharge, Hasta did not require a wheelchair. We are all pleased with the progress Hasta showed during rehabilitation at our Centre. His stay at Spinal Centre was unique and enjoyable for all. This month, Hasta left our Centre with his supportive family to continue his work back home

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