Man Bahadur Magar



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Patient Story

Man Bahadur Magar is a 42 years old man who comes from a remote village of Dhading. He was working as a farmer and their only income source was agriculture. He had a head injury 12 years ago, so his mental state is not so good. One fine morning in in March 2020, he climbed the tree for the fodder for his cattle but fell down and sustained Spinal Cord Injury. Immediately after the accident, his wife carried and took him to the house.

With some donations from the villagers, he was taken to Kathmandu for treatment where he was surgically managed for his injury. He finished all the money during surgery and treatment. After surgery, he was referred to to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation.

Due to his financial condition, he was provided with full financial coverage for his rehabilitation. He was fortunate that he was able to walk with the help of one elbow crutch.

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