Bishnukant Chaudhary



  • Profession Before Injury agricultural science student
  • Admitted Date August,2014
  • Duration of Stay seven months

Patient Story

Bishnukant Chaudhary is a 16-year-old Higher Secondary student pursuing a career on Agricultural Science in Lahan Technical School, Rauthat. On the 3rd of June 2014, Bishnukant sustained spinal cord injury from an unfortunate compression by cemented wall. Within hours following the accident, Bishnukant was rushed to a nearby primary healthcare centre from where he was sent to Bir Hospital in Kathmandu.

At Bir Hospital, Bishnukant was conservatively managed for his D12-L2 fracture, which straightened his back, but left his lower limb in a paralyzed state. Bishnukant’s condition brought immense sorrow to his parents. It was later in middle of August 2014, new hopes sprouted for the Chaudhary family when they brought Bishnukant to Spinal Centre for comprehensive rehabilitation. Bishnukant spent seven months at SIRC, receiving regular therapy and motivation from nurses, patients and volunteers. Within a few months, the Therapists were successful in helping Bishnukant regain his balance, enabling him to perform activities of daily living and even play a wheelchair basketball. Without a doubt, Bishnukant’s stay at Spinal Centre was unique and enjoyable for all.

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