Laxmi Nepali



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Patient Story

21-year-old Laxmi Nepali lives in Baglung with her mother as her spouse lives abroad for foreign employment. As a farm worker in her village, daily activities kept her engaged for most of the time. However, on sunny Friday of January, when Laxmi left to collect fodder for her cattle she fell from tree and left her life with spinal cord injury.

After the accident, the villagers rushed her to nearby health post from where she was referred to Nepal Orthopedic Hospital (NOH). At NOH she realized that her Dorsal spine had been fractured. She was surgically managed with Posterior Instrumentation which strengthen her back and was then referred to Spinal Centre for comprehensive rehabilitation. At the Centre, Laxmi made significant progress in therapy sessions and vocational training, both helping her to regain independence. Every morning and evening, one could see Laxmi playful with her friends. In the daytime, she dedicated most of her time to learn basic computer skill from vocational trainers. With continuous support from her caring mother and Centres staff, she spent almost four months at our Centre, trying her best to Improve. This month, Laxmi left home with wheelchair in hand. Her energies and genuineness are truly inspirational. May our worthy bidding lie with her in every step she takes

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