Ujjwal Gurung

Lainchour, Kathmandu


  • Profession Before Injury MBBS Student
  • Admitted Date
  • Duration of Stay eleven months

Patient Story

27-year-old Ujjwal Gurung is a MBBS student and a resident of Lainchour, Kathmandu. During his internship, Dr. Gurung sustained spinal cord injury from a motorbike accident. The mishap left his limbs paralyzed; however, his hands remained somewhat functional. Dr. Gurung was taken to TUTH for neurological consultation and was then conservatively managed and referred to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation.

Dr. Gurung spent eleven months at our centre, receiving regular therapy and treatment. Although his father, Mr. Khadga Bahadur Gurung attended to all of his needs, Dr. Gurung always convinced himself that he could be independent. As his stay progressed, Dr. Gurung’s determination showed promising outcomes. He was not only able to use the wheelchair, but also restored his good dynamic balance. It was not long before he surprised everyone by walking on support. Before leaving SIRC, he had regained power in almost all of the key muscles in his lower limb. Earlier this month, Dr. Ujjwal left on an exemplary note, motivating all patients and staff with his unparallel dedication and perseverance.

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